Friday, May 1, 2009

Tea for 2

Anyone who spends enough time around me knows I love girly things, tiny sandwiches, tiny sweet things and tea. There is a place in Atlanta that has always been a fave of mine for just such things- the Swan Coach House. So, ever since I heard of the Mitzy London tea room here in Kansas City, I have been DYING to go there. A few weekends ago, my good friend Amanda and I went for a little afternoon tea. It was amazing!
Pictured here is my plate of deliciousness. The icing on my tea cake had edible glitter on top. EDIBLE GLITTER! I am on a hunt for some of my own. The picture on the right is my "tea blossom" blossoming. A tea blossom is "a natural herb flowers that are ready to blossom when immersed in hot water." The tea was divine and tasted of vanilla.
I wish we'd had more time to shop because the Mitzy London shop is amazingly cool. Next time, next time. It was a great time and I am so glad Amanda was up for some tea time with me:)

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  1. Anytime Mitzy Rabies! Some day we'll go to Atlanta and have tea at your fav place. That was really relaxing. Ahhh....