Friday, May 29, 2009

Kittens Inspired By Kittens

Thanks for sharing this Anne Marie! This girl is whack but I love the randomness of her comments. "I am her mother" "No she is not." Excellent find Mrs. Cotter!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Too Funny Not to Share

Bret sent me this. Happy Friday!

Tea for 2

Anyone who spends enough time around me knows I love girly things, tiny sandwiches, tiny sweet things and tea. There is a place in Atlanta that has always been a fave of mine for just such things- the Swan Coach House. So, ever since I heard of the Mitzy London tea room here in Kansas City, I have been DYING to go there. A few weekends ago, my good friend Amanda and I went for a little afternoon tea. It was amazing!
Pictured here is my plate of deliciousness. The icing on my tea cake had edible glitter on top. EDIBLE GLITTER! I am on a hunt for some of my own. The picture on the right is my "tea blossom" blossoming. A tea blossom is "a natural herb flowers that are ready to blossom when immersed in hot water." The tea was divine and tasted of vanilla.
I wish we'd had more time to shop because the Mitzy London shop is amazingly cool. Next time, next time. It was a great time and I am so glad Amanda was up for some tea time with me:)