Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fired up for the 4th!

Donavan and I are headed to Eureka Springs again this year to celebrate our anniversary and our country's independence. We are staying in a tree house again. I know I have mentioned before but they are truly amazing. It is essentially a little log cabin on stilts. You're surrounded by trees and squirrels. On Sunday we're going to the same Champagne Brunch we went to last year for all you can eat strawberries with chocolate dip (for me) and all the meat you can imagine (for Donavan). Saw this fun inspiration board and it reminded me how much I love summer:)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cool Caravans

Oh my goodness. When I found out about this book My Cool Caravan by Jane Field-Lewis & Chris Haddon over here I nearly fell out of my seat. You see, ever since I saw these pics in my mother's 1996 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book I have dreamed of owning a tiny airstream trailer that I could customize the interior for. It pretty much the same sort of dream I have always had for on of those retro VW vans. In recent years I have seen pics on blogs and in magazines where people got an airstream to put in their backyard to use as an office/guest quarters.
Take a peek at some other work by the photographer, Hilary Walker, here. I seriously think I could live in any of these pics.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lindsay in wedges?

I certainly am not one for heels but I am strangely attracted to these. I saw them in navy stripes on someone's blog the other day and it was really the first time I think I could say, "Man, those Tom's shoes are cuuuuuute!" They are always great because they are for such a good cause but I have never particularly liked the way they looked before. Way to go Tom's- being all trendy and whatnot.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

365 Days of Love (letters)

So back in February, the day after Valentine's Day to be exact, I started a personal project. I made a pact with myself to send 365 letters this year. The letters can be to people I know, people I admire, people I haven't talked to in forever, people I talk to every day, etc. The point of the project being that I know how I feel when I discover a handwritten letter from someone in my mailbox. It's like a little hug waiting there for you to come find it. To me, there is just nothing like that feeling. Letters have been a life-long passion of mine and in recent years I have to admit, I have slacked on my correspondence. This project is to keep me accountable to myself to let at least one person each day know that I am thinking of them. My goal is to start a separate blog to chronicle the project. Here are some pics of the little gems that have made their way through the mail so far:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is upon us

So whenever I hear about people that blog EVERY SINGLE day, I always think to myself "How?"
Do they have a lot of amazing things to talk about every day? Are they getting paid to do it as a full time job? Whatever the reason, they are consistent. That is something I am working on. Hold me to it. Yes, I am talking to you Rachel and Pauline. That being said...

Things have been wild and crazy around here. There have been lots of exciting things happening over the past few months:
1. Donavan came back to Kansas City- FOR GOOD. Seriously. FOR GOOD. After 2 years and 9 months, my love has returned to the great state of Kansas and I could not be happier.
2. According to the great Dave Ramsey, I am debt free. Now comes step 3 of his "7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom" : Put 3 to 6 months of expenses in savings. Whew. Don't worry Dave, I am ready and willing!
3. Emily officially entered her "late 20s" and oh what a glorious celebration it was.
4. Miss Beth came to visit Kansas City! It was such a fun weekend and in true "Sugarpants" style, we went to see Sugarland at the Sprint Center. It was A-mazing!
5. Etsy orders at "Letters by Lindsay" have been surprisingly high lately. It is still random and inconsitent but compared to sales from last year at this time, things are looking good. Behold the sea of flip flops:
Things on the horizon:
1. Celebrating my 3rd anniversary in Eureka Springs with Donavan.
2. Rachel's visit to Kansas City!! Tri-Delts on the loose- WATCH OUT!
3. A trip to Atlanta for the birth of my next niece/nephew on July 23rd.
4. Many trips to Iowa for many different occasions.
5. A special Milestone birthday for yours truly. A special plan to celebrate is in the works...

So I will try to update this more often so I don't lose my "dedicated readers." Yes, I am talking to you Rachel and Pauline.