Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cookie Party Update

The cookie party was a huge success! Everyone brought the most delicious cookies. Some of my faves were Lauren's Lemon Drop Cookies, Nina's Chocolate Ganache Sandwich Cookies and Amanda's Hello Dollies. I had small tins for people to pack cookies into as well as supplies like cello bags, tags, and ribbon for people to use to package up cookies for gifts. I made home made hot chocolate for the party. It was delicious and so easy! I am already looking forward to next year's party:)
Here are some shots of my Gingerbread People/Houses/Dogs. They are always a labor of love but so delicious and worth it.
Cookie tins for party-goers.
Swappin' cookies.
I had a tiny tree filled with gingerbread scented cookie ornaments (no, I did not make them) for people to take home with them.


  1. you are too cute! i wish i lived in kansas city so that i could go to your parties!

  2. you throw the best parties. write a book.

  3. You are the BEST! I loved your Christmas card too, so freakin' awesome! :)