Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Basket Swap!

My friend Em organized an Easter Basket Swap this year. It was like a Secret Santa Gift Exchange but with Easter Baskets. Get it? Good. Moving on. It was a little stressful designing a basket for a fellow designer to be given in front of a room full of designers. I ended up having a great time putting mine together and went with an aqua and orange color scheme. Yesterday the 13 girls who participated met at lunch time and exchanged baskets. Em provided a bunch of desserts (she is an amazing baker!) and we all sat and ate our lunches. Then it was time to get down to business. We went one by one and gave baskets to the person we each made them for. It was so cool to see what every one did and how much thought went into each basket.
The basket I received was so freaking cute! It was garden themed and she included all of my favorite candies. Everything was nestled in a cute green watering can!
My friend Katie made a basket with a green color scheme and included this little guy. She made it! I love his ears.My friend Amanda made this little slice of heaven. It was filled with so many different Easter candies that I think I got a cavity just from looking at it.

The swap was a great time and I really hope Em plans another one for next year. It really got me in the Easter spirit!

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  1. Nice Job. I really like your color choice.