Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Rainbow Cake Dream Come True

I did it! I made a rainbow cake! Finally! I used the occasion of my friend Shawn's birthday to try out the recipe I wrote about so long ago. It took me about 4 hours to make but it was totally worth it to see the look on people's faces at Shawn's birthday lunch when I cut into the unassuming white frosted cake. You see, I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone so as far as anyone knew it was just a regular 'ol cake. It was so pretty to eat and it tasted good to boot! A rainbow cake dream come true indeed for this sugar pants gal. Behold:
1. Some color inspiration to start with.
2. 5 bowls of beautiful batter.3. The layer that didn't quite make it to the final cake. So sad. 4. The birthday boy's life slogan decorated the unassuming cake:)

5. Ta Dah! Color! So easy to make and so many smiles.


  1. Awesome! I know someone who made this and it was delicious and so muck fun to eat! Its beautiful Linds.