Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and Baby Arms!

With each passing year, I love Halloween more and more! This year was my 4th annual pumpkin carving party. It is always so much fun looking at dessert recipes and picking which ones I want to make for the party. I made my first attempt at an Amy Atlas style dessert bar set up. This year I made "Buried Alive" cupcakes (modified from a Rachel Ray muffin recipe), Oreo spiders and mini eyeball cupcakes. I purchased giant chocolate dipped and sprinkled marshmallows from the bakery counter at Hallmark and popcorn from Velvet Creme Popcorn (headquartered within 1/4 mile from my house!). The "Buried Alive" cupcakes were the hit of the party! The most popular question of the night was "Where did you find all those baby doll arms?" Hobby Lobby. In fact, I cleared them OUT of their baby doll arms. After a potluck dinner and the dessert buffet, people carved and painted pumpkin. Lauren's was my favorite: a dinosaur with a talk bubble saying "OH YEAH." Being that she lives in an apartment, it got to stay on my porch for Halloween! All in all, a great Halloween to go down in the books.

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