Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Peeps Excitement

It's almost Easter which means shelves are lined with rainbows of Peeps! I can't help but be happy when I'm shopping and I come upon a wall of happy little Peeps bunnies and chicks smiling at me. One of my favorite recent memories involving Peeps was when my sister came to visit me here in KC. We stopped at a grocery store on the way home and were stopped dead in our tracks upon seeing their enormous aisle of Easter candy. The Peeps section was like a view of heaven. There were Peeps for miles! Just remembering this experience gets me salivating.
There is a newbie to the mix this year- an 8 pk of chocolate mousse flavored marshmallow bunnies. I'm slightly grossed out by the thought of the chocolate mousse ones but chances are I'll give them a shot anyway. Perhaps at the half price post-Easter sale?
p.s. Behold, the face of Jesus.
p.p.s. This is my nephew. Ok it's not but he sure as hell will be sporting one of these puppies if I can get my mitts on one!

1 comment:

  1. i'm always looking for peeps apparel for you. i'm sure you've converted furter into a peep by now.