Thursday, January 14, 2010

#9 in my list of all time favorite candy is...

NECCO Sweetheart Conversation Hearts!
 I love them. I like to eat them until my mouth rebels and refuses to let me taste them. They are especially good after the bag has been open for a day or so and they are a little softer and not as crunchy. The smell of them has been described as, "a blend of Love’s Baby Soft and strawberry candles." Mmmmmm.

While doing research for this report, however, I am now thinking they won't be one of my favorites for much longer. You see, my favorite ones in the whole bag are the yellow ones. Previously they were banana flavored but starting this year they will be lemon flavored. Boo. 

Bye banana! I'll miss you. 
Other changes starting this year are as follows:
-Updated packaging
-Candy will be brighter colors- including sparkly ones which sounds fun!
-New flavors such as strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry
-Tech-savvy terms of endearment like "text me" and Tweet Me"
-There are plans to release the hearts year round with red, white and blue on Memorial Day.
-The white ones are gone completely.

I heart Sweethearts.

Check out the video I found from searching "Necco Sweethearts" on YouTube. Apparently not everyone is a fan.

Gotta love those adorable college kids.


  1. what the h? i loved the white ones. where they clove flavored? I think i preferred necco wafers to sweethearts, though. I love crunchy!

  2. Um, tried the "new and improved" sweethearts over the weekend - totally sickatating!! I couldn't even eat a handful. They were way too strongly flavored and all the colors were different. I am so upset. I used to eat them by the bagful.

  3. I tried some of the "Twilight: Forbidden Fruits" ones today. They were kinda weird but ok I guess. I am so disgusted with Necco for changing/ruining the traditional mix. Why fix it if it ain't broke?