Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's National Candy Month! Hooooo-ray!

According to American Food Holidays, January is National Candy Month! So, in honor of this special month, I will spend the next 10 days making a top ten list of my favorite candy. If any one else would like to submit a list of their own, please do so in the comments section. 

#10 in my list of all time favorite candy is...
Brach's Candy Corn. It is America's #1 brand of candy corn and my favorite. Some brands taste just simply taste too waxy. Yuck. As I was writing this, I sat here wondering exactly how candy corn is made. I have had my theories for a while now on how they makes the bands of color and after watching this video, I feel like a genius because I was correct! Stayed tuned for #9 tomorrow.
Even The Onion agrees that Brach's is the best. They even have "research" to prove it.

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