Wednesday, June 23, 2010

365 Days of Love (letters)

So back in February, the day after Valentine's Day to be exact, I started a personal project. I made a pact with myself to send 365 letters this year. The letters can be to people I know, people I admire, people I haven't talked to in forever, people I talk to every day, etc. The point of the project being that I know how I feel when I discover a handwritten letter from someone in my mailbox. It's like a little hug waiting there for you to come find it. To me, there is just nothing like that feeling. Letters have been a life-long passion of mine and in recent years I have to admit, I have slacked on my correspondence. This project is to keep me accountable to myself to let at least one person each day know that I am thinking of them. My goal is to start a separate blog to chronicle the project. Here are some pics of the little gems that have made their way through the mail so far:


  1. awsome project linds. i like the use of crayon, too, and the way tou make something handwritten look like a print. i want a letter! i promise to write you back, i've been working on my calligraphy!

  2. this is the coolest! i would definitely jump for joy to find a letter addressed like that in my mailbox! do you need my address? :)